Española Way Art Center Closing After 25 Years

 artists used the space for minimal rent --

Española Way Art Center Closing After 25 Years - Page 1 - News - Miami - Miami New Times: " . . . The building was long owned by South Beach revivalist Craig Robbins, who allowed artists to use the space for minimal rent while he bought decaying buildings and helped turn around the Beach's fortunes in the early '90s. . . . The artists exhibited everything from paintings and photography to sculptures and mixed-media works, and visitors could walk into studios to chat with creative types living and working in the boho enclave. "We all stayed open ten hours a day, every day to share our vision with the people who walked through our doors," Davis says. But Scott recently finalized a plan to refurbish the property and turn it into eight hotel units. . . ." (read more at link above)


Julian Lennon collection, entitled 'Alone' (video)

Julian Lennon, son of the late Beatles legend John Lennon, showcased his photography at an exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach. Lennon says the collection, entitled 'Alone', is about taking time to reflect.


Wynwood street art

Wynwood's street art paints a pretty picture in Florida
The Guardian
In 2009, property speculator Tony Goldman, the man who revitalised New York's SoHo and turned Miami's South Beach into an art-deco paradise, gave the area a shot in the arm. He bought a block in the centre of the area and turned it over to artists, more at link above

The Guardian


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