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Matador charging into Miami Beach
New York Post
Superstar French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is expanding in Miami with The Matador, an oceanfront supper club in Ian Schraeger's new Miami Beach Edition Hotel and residences, Side Dish has learned. Guests at the hotel at 2901 Collins Ave.

Tantra New Years Eve -Beau Joie Miami Beach 12/31/12 « Soul Of ...
By calendar
Tantra New Years Eve -Beau Joie Miami Beach Monday, 12/31/2012, 09:00 pm – 05:00 am. Tantra-Nye-edit1 Tantra 1445 Pennsylvania ave, Miami Beach, Florida 33139. Webpage Link. Tantra isSouth Beach's sexiest and most romantic ...
Soul Of Miami Art Basel Miami Beach | Art Asia Was Haunting
By Kenneth Storey
Now in its fifth year, Art Asia is a highly selective showcase of best of established and emerging contemporary artists from throughout Asia. While the show during Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 had many stunning pieces, the ones we call ...

Nazarian Buys South Beach Hotel | Los Angeles Business Journal
Edelstein also owns a hotel in the neighborhood, the W South Beach. ... Stake in SBE · Nazarian Shops New York, Revamps in Miami Beach · Not So Hotspots ...

Rachel Zoe & Her Sweetie On The Sand
Celebrity Baby Scoop
Rachel Zoe and Skyler were seen walking on the beach in Miami, Fl. on Sunday (December 23). Wearing a long black dress she was seen carrying her fedora and Skyler's shoes while following her tot around. She also shared a photo of her husband Rodger ...


Miami Beach homes face teardown or preservation

In Miami Beach, homes face teardown frenzy or preservationist zeal - 12/22/2012 | " . . . Shuffield said that since January, a little more than 10 percent of Miami Beach homes sales have been single-family homes. That’s 243 dwellings, out of which 119 were built before 1945. Shuffield said the buyers who purchased those are often Europeans interested in second homes. He said speculators are once again looking at homes, but few are purchasing right now. “Single-family homes on the Beach have become collector’s items because there are just so few of them now,” he said, doubting that stronger preservation laws would have any impact on the market. But with nearly 2,500 pre-1942 homes left on Miami Beach, that leaves a lot of room for friction with homeowners if the Miami Design Preservation League aggressively pursues its new agenda. Kinerk, the league official, said one of founder Barbara Baer Capitman’s last directives before dying in 1990 was that the league should focus on preserving single-family homes. He said that while cities like Coral Gables have crafted laws to do so, so far Miami Beach has failed. “We have failed Barbara’s directive so far,” he said. “It’s embarrassing.” Kinerk said the league will act quickly to try and designate residential homes historic in order to try and avoid after-the-fact fights like the ongoing battle with the Hochsteins. He said an important home worth saving should be protected regardless.“When should we act?” he asked. “When they’re all gone?”


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Highlights of Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

The Highlights of Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 : Architectural Digest: "After a nonstop week of art fairs, celebratory dinners, and late-night revelry, the crowds have cleared from Miami Beach. So what caught our attention? The answer, in a word, is tons. At the main attraction, Art Basel Miami Beach, some 250 established and emerging galleries showed works by more than 2,000 artists in total, resulting in a diverse, inspiring, and at times, yes, overwhelming array. Wandering a brightly lit convention center for hours can make everything start to blur together, so it’s a mark of high quality that so much stood out—from Salon 94’s display of kinetic sculptures by Jon Kessler to Laura Owens’s colorful, abstract paintings exhibited by Gavin Brown to Mai-Thu Perret’s acrylic confections on carpet at David Kordansky Gallery. . . ."


Seattleites look for success at Miami art fairs

Seattleites look for success at Miami art fairs | The Arts | The Seattle Times: "When the Affordable Art Fair visited Seattle Center last month, the organizers were keen to point out that our city had not hosted an art fair for many years. So imagine this: Last weekend, in the adjoining cities of Miami and Miami Beach, which even between them have a smaller population than Seattle, you could have visited any one of 24 art fairs all happening at the same time. What these fairs showed almost exclusively, and sold in huge quantities, was modern and contemporary art, or art of the 20th and 21st centuries. As a rule of thumb, the newer the art is, the more of it you’ll find in Miami. At the heart of all of this activity is what many in the art world consider the largest and most important art fair in the world — Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB), which comprises temporary booths occupied by 250 of the world’s most successful galleries and attracted 70,000 visitors over five days. . . ."


Calder meditation in 28 seconds and Jerry Saltz on art criticism

calder: meditation in 28 seconds from robertorovira on Vimeo.

Art Basel Miami Beach Calder installation video.

ARTLURKER › Jerry Saltz on the future of art criticism, Miami, secrets to success and comedians"The effects of the onslaught of Art Basel Miami Beach have been widely discussed among locals in the art community as both a blessing and a curse. Based on your previous discussion on art fairs in general and their relationship to artists and art-making what are some of the positive and negative/ social and economic ramifications of this kind of event on a relatively young art community?
JS: Ok, Art Basel Miami Beach: good for emerging artists, good for the blood, good for parties and touching antennae and having a good time. How can it be bad, if you have the entire volunteer army of the art world at your doorstep? To say it’s a bad thing is being ungenerous. Even as f___ked up as things have gotten, as horrendous as the equation between capital and quality has become within this system. . . ."

“More on Miami – I’ve heard complaints from a lot of local artists about the void in Miami after Art Basel. Is it a viable place for an artist to work and hope to enjoy some success beyond our swamps and beaches? Is New York still the Shangri-La of the art world?”
JS: In Miami you can have a life, a studio and afford to work. Wherever you are, an artist needs to test your ideas out on strangers on a regular basis. If you move to New York you won’t die, you’ll live in a sh-t hole, and you will have an inner life, but your outer life will die. In Miami, you can have an outer life and an inner life. I have no outer life, which is why I look the way I do. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.(Jerry’s concept of the inner life refers to artistic practices and time spent thinking, talking and working, while the outer life could possibly include everything else.) 
So what’s better? Do you have to move to New York to get rich and famous? I don’t know… it helps. I have two secrets. I am going to tell you the second one first. I have very thick skin. I never take criticism personally because I know that there is probably a grain of truth to it. Even though it hurts, I always address them back. If you’re writing to be loved, then you’ve got trouble. I’ve never been asked to write for Artforum and they would never ask me to either. My voice would make no sense there. The first secret is energy. Put yourself out there and produce, produce, produce. I have no degree (except my three honorary PhDs), and started in my forties, I’m a late bloomer. But I just put myself out there every day."


Film and Video at Art Fairs

DISCUSSION: Moving Image Spotlight Panel: Film and Video at Art Fairs from Safiniart on Vimeo.
This panel discussion is brought to you by Safiniart.

International art fairs have increasingly become where many art galleries make a significant amount of their annual sales, and yet with their wide open spaces and regional differences in technological equipment or power sources, fairs can present challenges to the art gallery that wishes to exhibit film and video at these important selling opportunities. “Film and Video at Art Fairs” brings together organizers of some of the most popular art fairs in the world to discuss the logistical and commercial challenges of presenting and selling film and video art at the fairs, including Amanda Coulson (Artistic Director, VOLTA); Michael Hall (Managing Director, The Armory Show); Elizabeth Dee / Jayne Drost Johnson (Co-Founder/Co-Director, INDEPENDENT); and David Gryn (Director & Founder of Artprojx) who has curated moving image projects for art fairs such as Art Basel Miami Beach. The discussion will be moderated by video and performance artist Janet Biggs.


Art Basel Miami Beach Beckons

Miami Beach Art Basel Beckons :: Articles :: Gotham Magazine: "Another exciting partnership that also returns in December is Art Video, a series of public art film screenings on the 7,000 square foot outdoor projection wall of the New World Center, designed by Frank Gehry. . . .  For those planning to attend Art Basel Miami Beach this year, make sure to break-away from the confines of the Convention Center and visit the legendary private collections and increasingly prominent art spaces that show some of the most avant-garde work around. Miami’s stock of private collections is located in the Wynwood neighborhood, just north of downtown Miami. This revitalized community now boasts the Rubell Family Collection, which is housed in a former DEA drug warehouse and features a list of who’s who in the art world including Jeff Koons, Kara Walker, and Cindy Sherman. Also of particular interest is World Class Boxing, the collection of Debra and Dennis Scholl, which houses their eclectic treasures in a former boxing gym. . . . "

Art Public Curator Christine Kim Discusses Bringing Art Outdoors at Miami Beach | Artinfo: " . . . Are there any overarching themes or through lines? How we approach notions of the monument in urban landscape. Miguel Andrade Valdez [Monumento Lima translation – Collins Park, 2012] is projecting a series of images of monoliths in and around Peru, like a concrete roadblock, a graffiti wall and a public monument. The three videos are projected and looped, with the sound and cacophony of Lima, on the cylinder in the middle of the park, making it a 360-degree experience. The cylinder reads like a late 1960s edifice or outdoor sculpture, which is now used as art storage. Mark Hagen [To be Titled (Additive Sculpture, Miami Screen), 2012] made a sculpture, related to his body of work from “Made in L.A.” [the 2012 Los Angeles biennial at the Hammer Museum], of poured concrete in cheap beverage containers. He culled different containers from the Miami Beach area to create the screen sculpture. . . . "

"It Ain't Fair" Final Edition at 743 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach - Miami Art and Gallery | " . . . The final edition It Ain't Fair moves from the Design District to a 6,000 square foot location on Miami Beach to accommodate a large-scale exhibition and various projects, delivering an exciting conclusion to its final edition. It Ain't Fair 2012 will present a selection of over 30 contemporary artists, many who contributed in past years, along with several new names: David Adamo, Diana Al-Hadid, Daniel Arsham, Scott Campbell, Julia Chiang, . . . In addition, OHWOW will brings its Los Angeles-based pirate station, Know Wave Radio to Miami Beach for a full week of live programming that will include performances, DJ sets, and interviews. . . . It Ain't Fair 2012 will also host a Soup Kitchen, a social project that provides free dinner to anyone wanting a meal, daily from 5 to 7 PM. Hundreds of artists and creatives make the trip to Art Basel Miami Beach every year on shoestring budgets; the Soup Kitchen gives back and supports a community that has helped shape the energy and success of OHWOW's endeavors. 743 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 Hours: December 7 – 8, 11 – 7 PM; December 9, 11 – 5 PM . . .


Guide to Art Basel Miami Beach

PAPERMAG: Your Guide to Art Basel Miami Beach: Part V: "Welcome to the fifth edition of our ongoing guide to Art Basel Miami Beach (check out editions I, II, III, and IV HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, respectively). Let's get started: In honor of the late Tony Goldman -- the visionary real estate developer and founder of Miami'sWynwood Walls -- there will be a special tribute entitled "Come and Dream" that launches during AB/MB in-and-around theintersection of 25th Street and NW 2nd Avenue in Miami. Meghan Coleman, the arts manager of Goldman Properties, is spear-heading the project with Tony's daughter Jessica. Look for new "walls" including another by Shepard Fairey as well as a gallery exhibit...."

What to Expect at Art Basel Miami :: Articles :: Los Angeles Confidential Magazine: "Running from December 6–9, this year’s Miami Beach show promises to be more exhilarating than ever. The most creative and audacious section is often Art Nova, where the rules require dealers to feature work created only in the last three years by just two or three artists. Art Positions, though, was considered a highlight last year by many attendees and also consistently pushes the limits, showcasing work from young and emerging artists (the 2011 standout being Paulo Nazareth’s eye-popping Banana Market/Art Market, a green Volkswagen bus filled with bananas). The Art Kabinett sector tends to be thematically wide-ranging, offering a platform for immense curatorial diversity, including thematic group exhibitions, art historical showcases, and solo shows for rising stars. These are presented in delineated spaces within participants’ booths, which are spread throughout the convention center."

David Lynch’s club comes to Art Basel Miami Beach | Art | Agenda | Phaidon: "With its Philippe Starck interiors and Art Deco architecture, guests at the Delano hotel on Miami Beach could be forgiven for thinking they had walked onto a movie set. Next month the line between real life and the big screen will be further blurred, when Art Basel Miami Beach (December 6-9) comes to town.For the duration of the fair, visitors to the Delano will be able to visit Silencio, the Mulholland Drive-inspired club that film director and painter David Lynch opened in Paris last year. Far from a simple brand-extension exercise, Lynch designed the French club's furniture and interiors, selected the books for the club's shelves (including one or two by Phaidon - thanks David) and the films that would be shown. .. . . "

ARTLURKER › Jerry Saltz on the future of art criticism, Miami, secrets to success and comedians"The effects of the onslaught of Art Basel Miami Beach have been widely discussed among locals in the art community as both a blessing and a curse. Based on your previous discussion on art fairs in general and their relationship to artists and art-making what are some of the positive and negative/ social and economic ramifications of this kind of event on a relatively young art community?
JS: Ok, Art Basel Miami Beach: good for emerging artists, good for the blood, good for parties and touching antennae and having a good time. How can it be bad, if you have the entire volunteer army of the art world at your doorstep? To say it’s a bad thing is being ungenerous. Even as fucked up as things have gotten, as horrendous as the equation between capital and quality has become within this system. . . ."

Artifacts | Chelsea's New Normal - "Larger, blue-chip galleries have the financial wherewithal to rebuild quickly and — pending the restoration of damaged artworks — reopen sooner than smaller galleries that exist from month to month and may not reopen at all. How to pay rent, staff and conservators, meet the bills for reconstruction and replace computers and servers (where galleries store archives and images) during an indefinite period of no income from sales? How to approach collectors who may have purchased works but not yet paid for it? Then there are those who have paid but not yet taken delivery. . . . "


Tom Wolfe on his new book, Back to Blood (video)

BACK TO BLOOD by Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe on his new book, Back to Blood - Telegraph:
The art world has been a never-ending source of amusement for Wolfe. In 1975 he skewered its faddishness and pretensions in a book-length essay called The Painted Word. Since then, as Back to Blood demonstrates with glee, the art has got even sillier, and the prices have climbed into the millions. 'Ah God,’ he says, chuckling at the memory of Art Basel Miami. 'You’ve got all these billionaires dressed like overgrown children in shorts and sneakers, and they’re all pushing and shoving in a frenzy to outbuy each other. Every one of them has an art adviser, and the adviser tells him – they’re all men – what he likes. What the adviser is really telling him is what the reigning fashion is at that moment, and that’s good enough for the buyer, who only wants to have what’s happening on his walls. The big thing now is No Hands art.’ This is Wolfe’s term for conceptual art, because so many of the top conceptual artists never touch their own artworks. Their job is to come up with the concept, and thereafter keep their hands clean. Richard Serra, for example, sends a sketch of some steel walls to a foundry. Once the walls have been manufactured, he hires a crew of 'elves’, as Wolfe calls them, to arrange the walls in a pattern.


Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show


On-board the Most Beautiful Yacht in the World

Bloomberg takes a look inside Vertigo, the superyacht that's played host to the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio and Rupert Murdoch. The yacht was awarded "Greatest Design" at the 2012 Monaco Yacht show.


Who Needs a Museum?

David Carr and Melena Ryzik, subbing for A. O. Scott, fill their heads with art while discussing the new Web site


These Boats Are the Most Coveted on Wall Street

Stephanie Ruhle reports on how the economy is affecting Cherubini Yachts makers of classic boats. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)


The Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World

Bloomberg Television's Tim Chilcott reports on some of the most expensive hotel suites in the world.


Peeking Inside the `Bargain' $20M Yacht in Monaco

Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns looks around the Monaco Yacht Show.


Art Public - Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

Art Public from Art Basel on Vimeo.
Art Public presents outdoor sculptures, interventions and performances within an open and public exhibition format at Collins Park. Art Basel Miami Beach 2011


Art Basel Miami Beach - "To Be An Artist"

Art Basel Miami Beach - "To Be An Artist" - Mogul Pictures from Ryan Hattaway on Vimeo.
Art Basel Miami Beach Highlight Reel 2011 - Mogul Pictures - Produced by Ryan Hattaway

Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas.


Art Basel Miami Beach and South Florida: A Decade of Transformation

Art Basel Conversations | Collector Focus | Art Basel Miami Beach and South Florida: A Decade of Transformation from Art Basel on Vimeo.
Irma and Norman Braman, Collectors and Patrons, Miami
Carlos M. de la Cruz, Collector and Co-Founder with his wife, Rosa, of the de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space, Miami
Martin Z. Margulies, Collector, The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, Miami
Dennis Scholl, Collector, Miami
Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, Collector, Founder and President of the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), Miami
Moderator | Bonnie Clearwater, Director and Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami

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