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South Fla. High Season Arrives With Boat & Art Shows « CBS Miami: " . . . There are four major boating and art events this weekend including the Miami International Boat Show, the Yacht & Brokerage Show, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the brand new Art Wynwood contemporary art fair. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to attend these events. The Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail takes place at three locations in Miami Beach and Miami. . . . " Click here for a Guide To The Miami International Boat Show

Miami International Boat Show Kicks Off in Miami Beach | NBC 6 South Florida: "The Miami International Boat Show kicked off Thursday at Miami Beach Convention Center and ends Monday in Miami Beach. The convention center is the biggest venue, but there also are two "in-water" locations, Sea Isle Marina and Strictly Sail Miami"Everyone knows you are going to see anything and everything that's new and popular, first launches, first unveilings, the newest, greatest, latest,” said Cathy Rick-Joule, vice president of the boat show."

Hautest Events Happening At Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail | Haute Living: "The Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail, the world’s premier boat show and the largest event in Florida, will be taking place this weekend from February 14th to the 18th. They will be showcasing thousands of boats and companies at their three venues, but will also be having some of the hautest events throughout the weekend. To get things started, your very own Haute Living is sponsoring the Official Kick-Off Party for the 25th anniversary of the Yacht and Brokerage Show. It will be taking place on Miami Beach at the Sunset Harbour Yacht Club. . . .the Yacht & Brokerage Show kick-off event benefitting Shake-A-Leg.. . ."

MIAMI: Ferretti boosts its presence at show: "The Ferretti Group touted its continued growth in the North American market and worldwide at a press conference Thursday at the Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach. The collection of 37 yachts on display from its eight brands, including 25 new models, are the largest manufacturer’s display ever at the Collins Avenue show and the largest display ever for Ferretti in North America."

Photo gallery of the Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach - Yacht Shows - "For the last 72 years, one of the world’s largest boat shows has been held annually in Miami. The Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show returns President’s Day Weekend, Feb. 14-18, 2013 - an event that draws more than 100,000 visitors from around the world to explore the best of boating, and generates big business in Florida and for the U.S. recreational boating industry." More photos at )


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" . . . Nader not only curated this show but also, as a dealer, helped Berardo build his collection, which is why it is making its premiere in Miami. Calling Nader’s sprawling Wynwood space a “gallery” anymore is misleading, and in fact, it is now officially the Gary Nader Art Centre. “Like a museum, many of the works here are just on display — 50 percent is not for sale,” he says of his hybrid space. Masterpieces is so far the most comprehensive survey of modern and contemporary art there, hands down. “Every single piece has been shown prominently somewhere,” he says. “From Picasso to Duchamp, the Surrealists to Pop and Minimalist art, they are all historically important.” He points out that there are also significant works from all over Latin American. . . . Jackson Pollock has become an iconic figure in 20th century American art, his work almost immediately recognizable even to the novice. Famous for his action paintings, pouring and dripping paint on giant canvasses laid out on the floor, here is a very early work, a swirling Head made between 1938 and 1941, where the head is clearly defined. Fast forward to 1989, and you might be caught off guard by the cartoon from Richard Prince, usually known for his photography. . . . "
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United colours of Beijing | South China Morning Post: "By their own estimates, between 30 and 40 graffiti artists work in Beijing, some more regularly than others, in comparison with the thousands active in cities such as Los Angeles, Paris and New York. Most here have creative-industry day jobs: building websites or laying out one of the growing number of glossy publications that sit on the shelves of the capital’s magazine stands. When graffiti first appeared in Beijing, in the early 1990s, it – along with much of the emerging contemporary art scene – was considered subversive. Today, graffiti is taking root in a culture that is much more tolerant, both socially and politically – one where government restrictions are playing less of a part and the public is becoming more accepting of a wider range of artistic expression."


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Artful Fashion Meets Fashionable Art at Fairs - "Art and fashion collaborations know no borders. Art Basel Miami Beach has become such a magnet for smart society that Prada has had a pop-up shop there and Dior an artistic collaboration with the German artist Anselm Reyle. And in December, Art Basel Miami Beach will host the 60th birthday celebration of down-jacket brand Moncler. The art/fashion thing has been going on for two decades, with the regeneration of downtown areas through art galleries and performance events now an established method of upgrading an area. . . . "


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Pod Hopping in Miami - Finer Things - News & Opinion - Art in America: " . . . The main fair at the Miami Convention Center featured a selection of video displayed in wooden "pods" at the middle of the building, while some galleries found room in their booths to show some as well. New York's Simon Preston Gallery in the Art Nova section of Art Basel offered two very convincing uses of video. Atelier(2012), by Hans Schabus, featured the soundtrack from Sam Peckinpah's famously violent 1969 film The Wild Bunch, combined with footage created in and around the artist's Vienna studio. At Art Basel the gallery displayed Schabus's storyboards, which match stills from The Wild Bunch with incongruously placid, unpeopled views around his studio. The storyboard evidences the precision of the video recreation, the exact calculation of the substituted camera angles for every shot. After showing the video in an installation in his gallery this past spring, Preston screened the work on his laptop during the fair. Preston also showed Irishman John Gerard's almost imperceptibly moving images of the outside of a decrepit school in Cuba. Gerard created the piece by splicing together an untold number of still photographs through digital media. The resulting video moves so slowly that, but for the screen, at first glance it looks almost like a print-a memento of a forgotten modernist structure—which becomes a bit startling as the image begins to rotate, in imitation of a camera on a very long, slow dolly shot. . . . . "


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Sailing the Wide Miami Sky - " . . . Before the design for his glassy Miami condo remodel was finished, Greek shipping magnate Ion Varouxakis invited his architect to spend a week with him touring the Greek islands on his circa-1921, 125-foot-long sailboat. Mr. Varouxakis's intent was to show the architect, Miami-based Rene Gonzalez, two things: first the environment he most loved—sky, water and air, with the reflection of light and openness; second, how comfortable he was with minimalism. "Onboard a boat you learn to use few things. I like simplicity," said Mr. Varouxakis, who previously lived on his yacht for a year. He also wanted to establish a relationship of trust with his architect. . . . Mr. Varouxakis first came to Miami a decade ago to inspect the sailboat that he would later use to travel with Mr. Gonzalez. He loved the city, which he calls vibrant and exotic but with "the environment and the safety of the First World." He bought the condo in 2008 for $1.985 million and lived in it for a year and a half before making changes. A two-bedroom, 1,933-square-foot condo in the same building is currently for sale for $2.8 million He now spends four days at a time in Miami several times a year, almost always attending the city's Art Basel fair. . . ."


Art Deco Miami Beach

On Art Deco Weekend, an Art Deco Slideshow of Miami Beach
Condé Nast Traveler
 . . . more than 300,000 people will descend on South Beach to gaze upon its world famous white sand beaches and take a gander at it second-most popular scenery: the 800-plus perfectly preserved buildings that comprise Miami Beach's one-mile ...

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