Miami Beach builder Robert Turchin looks back — and ahead

Miami Beach builder Robert Turchin looks back — and ahead " . . . . Liebman, now president of the MiMo Biscayne Association, works to preserve Biscayne Boulevard as the historic entryway to Miami, so that MiMo buildings like the Turchin-built 1961 King Cole Condominium at 900 Bay Dr. continue to stand. “As a matter of fact, I live in one of Mr. Turchin’s buildings on Belle Isle,” she says. “It’s well-built, has aesthetic appeal, and the amenities are lovely.” Both the builder and the preservationist love Miami Beach and have given their all to the community. Like the debate over the Herald building, they are two sides of a coin. “When a building comes down, I feel a little nostalgia, but not for long,” says Turchin. “That’s life. Miami only has so much land. You can stagnate, or you can do it over again.”

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