De La Cruz Contemporary Art Space

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De La Cruz Collection Contemporary ArtSpace
23 NE 41st St, Miami, FL
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The De La Cruz Contemporary Art Space--definitely worth a visit--"One of the best things about the De La Cruz Contemporary Art Space is that it is never static. Opened in 2009 in a specially built 300,000-square-foot building in the Design District, the light and airy space became the latest addition to Miami’s public exhibition halls founded and run by major private collectors. Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz had been acquiring art for a quarter of a century and showing it to the public at their house, but they decided to move some of it to a more accessible place that would also serve as an educational center, an arts center that would never sit still. So along with highlighting works from the permanent collection, there are a variety of changing exhibits, a project room set aside for solo shows from local and international artists, and lectures. . . ." Read more here:

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