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Sailing the Wide Miami Sky - " . . . Before the design for his glassy Miami condo remodel was finished, Greek shipping magnate Ion Varouxakis invited his architect to spend a week with him touring the Greek islands on his circa-1921, 125-foot-long sailboat. Mr. Varouxakis's intent was to show the architect, Miami-based Rene Gonzalez, two things: first the environment he most loved—sky, water and air, with the reflection of light and openness; second, how comfortable he was with minimalism. "Onboard a boat you learn to use few things. I like simplicity," said Mr. Varouxakis, who previously lived on his yacht for a year. He also wanted to establish a relationship of trust with his architect. . . . Mr. Varouxakis first came to Miami a decade ago to inspect the sailboat that he would later use to travel with Mr. Gonzalez. He loved the city, which he calls vibrant and exotic but with "the environment and the safety of the First World." He bought the condo in 2008 for $1.985 million and lived in it for a year and a half before making changes. A two-bedroom, 1,933-square-foot condo in the same building is currently for sale for $2.8 million He now spends four days at a time in Miami several times a year, almost always attending the city's Art Basel fair. . . ."


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