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Pod Hopping in Miami - Finer Things - News & Opinion - Art in America: " . . . The main fair at the Miami Convention Center featured a selection of video displayed in wooden "pods" at the middle of the building, while some galleries found room in their booths to show some as well. New York's Simon Preston Gallery in the Art Nova section of Art Basel offered two very convincing uses of video. Atelier(2012), by Hans Schabus, featured the soundtrack from Sam Peckinpah's famously violent 1969 film The Wild Bunch, combined with footage created in and around the artist's Vienna studio. At Art Basel the gallery displayed Schabus's storyboards, which match stills from The Wild Bunch with incongruously placid, unpeopled views around his studio. The storyboard evidences the precision of the video recreation, the exact calculation of the substituted camera angles for every shot. After showing the video in an installation in his gallery this past spring, Preston screened the work on his laptop during the fair. Preston also showed Irishman John Gerard's almost imperceptibly moving images of the outside of a decrepit school in Cuba. Gerard created the piece by splicing together an untold number of still photographs through digital media. The resulting video moves so slowly that, but for the screen, at first glance it looks almost like a print-a memento of a forgotten modernist structure—which becomes a bit startling as the image begins to rotate, in imitation of a camera on a very long, slow dolly shot. . . . . "


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