Alhambra Towers, Miami tributes to Spain, a city icon

An exhibition at the Coral Gables Museum showcases the Giralda’s influence on the South Florida skyline. “Creating the View, George Merrick and His Vision for Coral Gables” has been curated by Miami historian Arva Moore Parks, who is writing a biography of Coral Gables developer George Merrick.

Miami’s towering tributes to Spain have become a city icon - "To those familiar with the Spanish town of Seville, the 12-foot weathervane above downtown Coral Gables is an unmistakable homage to the historic Spanish city long known as a center for trade, literature, architecture and of course, the flamenco. Atop the high-rise Alhambra Towers office building, the female figure carrying a shaft of wheat, a helmet and a Christian cross is a replica of the bronze weathervane that has dominated the sky of Seville for more than four centuries. Still today, the Giraldillo, or Spinner, crowns the Giralda, the belltower of the Gothic Cathedral of Sevilla. Built in 2002, Alhambra Towers is the latest in a series of South Florida tributes to one of Spain’s grandest cities. In the early 1920s, four towers were modeled after the Giralda. Two of them would later be torn down. The two that survived are national landmarks, the Biltmore Tower and the Freedom Tower." 


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