Interactive art, Jillian Mayer

"At the opening for Miami artist Jillian Mayer’s exhibition “Precipice/PostModem” at Locust Projects in the Design District, visitors were asked to do something that is never asked of them in traditional museums and galleries: Touch and interact with the art. . . . Mayer’s work is extraordinarily difficult to categorize. As a multidisciplinary artist, she works in various media, including film, sculpture and conceptual art, often combining several forms to realize her vision for specific works. Combine this with the fact that many of her works demand viewer participation, and it is readily apparent how unique her works are. . . . Debra Scholl, chair of Locust Projects and a collector of Mayer’s work, says that the notoriety she has received is merely a testament to the artist’s ingenuity. ”I see her transcending the art world in two different ways, as a filmmaker and a visual artist...having been in the art world for 35 years, to see someone so fresh and engaging in different mediums is exciting." source: Read more at Miami Herald


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